Solo in Sanya!

Moving to China was my first time ever out of the country! It was a bit ambitious to MOVE to another country seeing that I had never set foot outside of the USA. It was a challenge that I welcomed and I was excited to face. So it was fitting for me to take my first trip (vacation) ALONE! After just a few months of adjusting to Shenzhen I decided to go to Sanya, China. I beach area where I could relax and have some down time.

Now this trip was going to be pretty low key. Not a lot of sightseeing and I really wasn’t interested in doing much but lying on the beach! Lol! So, I picked a fancy resort (The Renaissance) and I vowed to never leave the ocean waves! When I got there, it was simply breathtaking. It looked like someone dropped me off on a movie set. Almost too good to be true. People waited on me hand and foot. Greeted me with a shell necklace and carried my bags off into the sunset! I automatically felt pampered. Just what I needed. After checking into my room and a detailed explanation of the resort grounds, I decided to explore. The resort was amazingly beautiful and relaxing. The private beach was my favorite. I knew I would spend most of my time there.


I honestly didn’t have to leave the resort for anything! I went out to the city one afternoon to explore a little bit. The city was nice, a little underdeveloped, but I found many nice souvenirs for family and friends. I also got a chance to check out the beach in the city. Very nice! Four days and three nights of complete bliss, but it all ended with a huge curve ball……

One my way back to Shenzhen my flight was cancelled due to a typhoon in the area. The only problem was that the next flight was not until the next morning!!! So, they were going to put everyone up in a hotel, not a problem if I spoke Mandarin!!! I get on a bus not understanding anything that is going on and we were dropped off at this hotel. By this time, I am in a slight panic! I don’t understand anything anyone is saying and people are just getting keys, instructions, and filing off to their rooms. So I had to think quickly. I looked around a spotted this girl who seemed to be on the young side. I remembered someone telling me that most young people in China know English because it is taught in the schools. She looked to be in her 20’s. I walked up to her and asked her if she spoke English. When she said yes I almost did a cartwheel across the room!! I was so relieved. Let me tell you, from this moment on, I didn’t have to worry about one thing! This girl and her family took me under their wing like I was their own. They looked out for me in every way. I quickly felt like I was a family member.

They handled everything. They made sure I got a room, my flight was rebooked and that I ate dinner that night. They paid for my dinner, and took me grocery shopping with them. They woke me up the next morning to make sure I got on that bus back to the airport. WOW, is all I could say. I was completely humbled. How could I ever repay them?? I couldn’t. All I could do is promise to come see them in their home town of Yueyang, China. I kept my promise. I took a few friends along and we went to Yueyang! I can’t wait to share with you that trip!

Lesson: I find a lesson in everything. This time was the lesson of knowledge. The more knowledge you have the better off you are. When you know how and when to use it, it’s even better. Be quick to think, slow to anger, and slow to panic. Whatever you are facing you were built to handle. Believe in that!





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