Magic in Okinawa!

I must admit I was a little underwhelmed with Okinawa. I found it to be very much like Sendai with the beach. The beaches I visited were “ok” at best. Apparently there were many other beaches but I doubt they would meet my expectations. Nightlife seemed to be suffering outside of the touristy areas. Getting information on the internet was difficult. However, it was a charming place with great weather and you definitely felt the island life as you walked the streets. This is a place you should research extensively before arriving. There are several islands you can visit which are a short flight away from the main island.  Make sure you know what you want to see and do before deciding. We were on Naha, the main island.

The catch! (2)

Let’s getaway!

This was a short getaway for a couple of friends and I. We wanted to enjoy the beach, so for this  purpose, it did not disappoint. We stayed in a comfortable Airbnb that proved to be a good location for the area. We laughed, we ate, and we soaked up some sun!

The story

I have found that during every trip I take something magical happens that reminds me why I love to travel and makes that particular trip memorable. This moment was amazing mainly because it was so unpredictable!  So let me try to put into words this experience and what I felt during this “moment.”

 Beach message (1)

We were heading back to Naha after a fun trip to the aquarium. ( I love aquariums so yes I visit them everywhere I go if there is one!) We desperately wanted to go to the beach before heading back to Naha. We wanted to see as many of the beaches in the surrounding area that we could. Let me back up a little bit. We started our day early and headed out to catch a bus to Motobu where the aquarium was located. About two hours away from Naha. We got in a cab to take us to the bus terminal. During our ride we somehow negotiated a deal with the taxi driver (who spoke little to no English) to take us to Motobu for the day at a significantly cheaper rate than we were prepared to pay for the bus. We were so relieved and grateful. Due to this we had a very comfortable carefree ride for the day. So, as the sun was going down we tried to communicate to the driver which beach we wanted him to take us to. This was no easy task. We almost gave up when we started passing by the beach and asked him to “please stop here!” He kept saying “no shower, no shower!” I guess he didn’t want us pretty brown girls to get sand in his well kept taxi! LOL! What he didn’t know, is that we were more than prepared for our beach stop!

The magical moment

As we walked the beach, talking, laughing, and posing for pictures I noticed a man sitting on the rocks just above where we dumped our things. He had a small cooler with him and some other things I didn’t recognize. He sat there for quite sometime just watching. I wasn’t bothered by him at all but I immediately noticed when he jumped up, grabbed this huge net, and hurried out to the ocean. He seemed to walk on water with his tall rain boots and overalls as he shuffled deeper into the water. I started yelling ” he sees something” as I ran behind him so excited to observe what would happen next. Then, I watched him cast his net into the ocean and he pulled it back with great strength to find a net full of fish!!!! Small sardines I believe. I was so engaged in this moment at I started jumping up and down cheering like my favorite team just scored a touchdown!!  All I could say was “I told you he saw something, I told you!” This was one of the most amazing things I had seen in a long time! My friends were just as amazed as I was. We all ran over to him to get a better look when he brought the fish on the sand. We watched him draw a circle around the net in the sand and pour all the fish out to slowly die. The puzzling thing was that I couldn’t figure out how he saw the fish. I wasn’t convinced at this point that he did but something told me he had to. It was just the way he got up and ran to the water that made me believe. Lesson #1 Sometimes we don’t have all the answers and we can’t figure out the process, but if we just hold on and believe God will allow it to be revealed in due time.

 The catch! (1)

The magic behind the magic

So after the initial catch, the fisherman, in which my friend affectionately named Roy, had found three new fishing partners for the day! We spent the next 30 min or so taking turns learning how to cast his net speaking no English to do so. We actually thought we were going to catch something. What we didn’t know, was that we had not figured out how to see the fish in those waters like fisherman Roy. He knew we wouldn’t catch anything all along, but he continue to patiently show us the process. Lesson #2 Often times we think we know but we’re unaware that we have no idea.

After a little time Roy went at it again! He grabbed the net and began running into the water. Again, we got so excited! Running behind him, jumping up and down and cheering him on! “Go, go Roy!” This was all so exciting and simply amazing! This time he didn’t catch anything but he saw them. He kept smiling and pointing to this place in the water. Finally we saw a large dark circle in the water!! ” That’s it, OMG I can see them!” We stood there amazed at the discovery. But not for long, soon the most magical thing happened. The large circle we were watching began to quickly move towards us and suddenly hundreds of fish surfaced jumping in and out of the water!!! I could not contain myself!! This was truly unbelievable!! “Roy, Roy get the net,  OMG look at all these fish, I can’t believe this!” We shouted. Fisherman Roy got his net and pulled in a HUGE net full of fish! Lesson #3 Sometimes waiting will give you more than you initially imagined.


What an incredible process and lesson this experience was for each of us. We all got different things from it. The one thing we definitely agreed on was how magical it was! We left fisherman Roy running into the sunset looking for more fish to catch.  So our trip to Okinawa was complete and what a great way to end it! Remember, just wait for the right moment!


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  1. Asia M
    Asia M says:

    From the pictures the trip looked amazing. The scenery was beautiful. I enjoyed the story about Fisherman Roy, lol, what a name.


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