I’m searching…..and I won’t stop!

My life has been interesting. It has taken many curves and turns. Some expected, some not expected at all. The best thing about my life is the unexpected. The things that take my breath away. The things that remind me daily of why I’m happy to be alive!

I am very grateful for my life the way it is right now. I am so close to living the life I’ve always dreamed of. So close, but I’m still searching……

I’m examining carefully every area of my life. Why am I here? What is my purpose? What steps should I take? What do I want? What can I live with? What can I live without? What’s truly important? All of these questions and more! I’m still searching……


I’m acutely observant to the things going on around me. The things that are happening in my life and to my life. The lessons I’ve learned and the lessons I’m still learning. The people I meet. The places I go. You guessed it, I’m still searching…..

What I’m searching for is FREEDOM! Freedom to live life under my own terms! Freedom to come and go as I please. Freedom to “call the shots.” Freedom to explore all the possibilities. Complete financial Freedom. Freedom to love. Freedom to be loved. Freedom to trust. Freedom of fear. Freedom to live this one and only life I get just the way I want to.

While searching I use wisdom. I use patience. I grow from my experiences. I never give up. I remember to stay consistent. Those years of waiting, hoping, and praying that someone would let me ” out of the box” that others tried to keep me in are here! The time is now. The goal is today. The hope is the future. Are you searching?……….

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  1. Vanessa Dillard Taylor
    Vanessa Dillard Taylor says:

    Keep searching my dear and discover all that God has for you. I pray that God protects you as you discovers all the great things in store for you. Love and miss you. Mom


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