5 Things you should do after 40

Let’s be honest. There is nothing that you should wait until you are 40 to do. However, as I approach this mature age I have begun to reflect on life. It’s typical, these milestones cause you to review your life and critique your choices. When you understand that life is limited and that time waits for no one, you set out to be everything you always wanted to be. This newly found wisdom pushes you to the edge of your seat, where you finally stand on your two feet and you see your life through different lenses. This my friend is the moment you have been waiting for, the moment you have lived to reach. It doesn’t always happen at 40. Whatever stage you are in your life understand that the time is now! Here is my list of things you should do after 40…….

  • Take time for yourself! Invest in you!We spend countless hours being parents, best friends, sisters, brothers, co workers, bosses, etc. When are you going to invest in yourself? Even if it’s something as simple as taking yourself out to dinner, GET IT DONE! Learn to enjoy your own company. Treat yourself. Discover what makes you happy and do it. This is the best thing you can do for you. Take care of you. It’s time out for putting everyone and everything before you! YOU.DESERVE.IT!


  • Put value in family time

Some of us are just going through the motions. We love our families! Some of us even like our families, but we need to be more intentional! Go the extra mile. Make that phone call even if they don’t. Take time out of your schedule to visit, plan trips, and spend quality time. Put away your devices and talk, listen, feel the heartbeats of your loved ones. Remember what I mentioned about time, it’s limited. Cherish each moment you have. You can’t get time back so make the most of it. We all grow older; we don’t get younger so keep that in mind. What you can do today, you may not be able to do tomorrow. Family can be more than just blood relatives. Family is where your heart is.


  • Love unconditionally

Most people won’t understand unconditional love. When you truly know how much God loves you, you will understand unconditional love. We need to practice loving unconditionally. Loving beyond expectations and circumstances. Loving beyond what you will receive. True, raw, love. Love for people you know, people you don’t know, people you encounter. Love that’s underserved. I truly believe that at a certain point in your life, you come to realize that this is the only way to survive. I use to recite the title of the popular song “What’s love got to do with it?” My response would then be, “Nothing at all!” Well, today I stand corrected as I stare my 39 year old self in the face. Love has everything to do with it! Love conquers all!


  • Forgive

This one is very dear to my heart. Forgiveness is a skill we must practice daily. It’s not a onetime thing. It is a consent work in progress. Forgiveness frees you of all the hurt and pain that may be associated with your situation. It allows you to look ahead and know that you did your best. Forgiveness starts with YOU! You have to forgive yourself! Some might ask “Of what?” Of whatever you are holding on to from your journey of life. We all make mistakes and bad choices, its human nature. Very seldom do our lives play out like we thought they would. If you still have breath in your body, you have the unique opportunity to shape your future! Forgive yourself and everyone else. Release that negative energy and turn it into something positive. You have no more time to waste!


  • Travel

For some of us, this will be simply to the next state over! Make it a priority to get out of your comfort zone. Change your surroundings on regular bases. Discover something new. There is so much to see and enjoy outside of your everyday life. Travel will increase your knowledge, allow you to experience culture, introduce you to new people, and allow you to see the beauty of this world we live in. There are so many wonderful things to see and enjoy. Get out and make it happen!



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