5 keys to living an EMPOWERED life!

Have you ever been going through something and it just feels strange. It feels like all roads point back to you in areas of your life that you didn’t even realized exsisted.  There are so many lessons in life that come in many different forms. Its our job to be true to who we are and what we are purposed to do in order to get the fullness out of every experience. When we are in tuned with our mind and with our spirit, we can focus and accomplish great things in our lives and the lives of others. You wanna know how to do this? Try starting with these five things…..


It’s easy to say that you are independent and you don’t follow the crowd. It’s convenient and cliche to “dance by the beat of your own drum.”  What’s a little more difficult is to forgive that person that wronged you. To treat someone with respect that has not respected you. To not hold a grudge. To always be honest. To love someone inspite of. To be there for that person in need, even when they don’t deserve it. To give instead of  loan. To make the call. To just be you! Sometimes the best version of ourself is never seen. This is because we spend too much time allowing others to determine how we will react to situations. Before you act on                   anything in your life, ask yourself one question; “What’s in my heart to do?” Erase all the thoughts, suggestions, and actions of others that fill your mind. Trust yourself, go with your gut and be you!


There is nothing more empowering than consistance! In every area of your life this should be your #1 goal. You should also consider this in how you approach any type of relationships. You may be the only consistent person in someone’s life. Don’t let them down. Keep your composure.


When you can wholeheartedly repect yourself under all circumstances everyone and everything HAS to fall in line! When you respect yourself, it will reflect in every decision you make. Especially those concerning your well being. It’s all about respecting your path in life. What God wants for you and what you want for you. Stand firm on that, and center all of your actions around it.


Love and fear cannot exsist together. Having confidence cancels fear so you can love. Love is more than a romantic feeling or something you feel for family and friends. It transends through everything  you do. Confidence supports love. Confidence supports the real you that is often hidden. There is something special about a person that is not afraid to be confident. It shows that you are willing to take a risk on yourself. That you are willing to try and never give up. That you firmly stand behind everything you support and believe in. Who doesn’t want someone like that in their corner!


Have you ever received a kind remark from someone you weren’t expecting? Maybe a gift that showed up at your door that surprised you! Have you been encouraged by someone at just the right time? Being thoughtful is one of those things that is SO powerful but is often overlooked. It takes on a different form of being kind and extends to your character. It speaks volumes of who you are inside because there is an intentional effort that is made. When you take the time to reach out to that person, to lend a helping hand, to be there even when you’re not asked, to honor your word; you have then stepped outside of average. Be thoughtful today and everyday.

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