That bloody afternoon in April…….

It started like any other work day. Relax in the morning, and get ready for work around noon. I wasn’t due in to work until 2:00 most days. There were a four people from my intake group when I arrived in China who lived in the same building as I did. We formed a little group on the oh so popular in China WeChat messaging app to keep in touch.

The messages came in about 30 min before I was getting ready to leave. “Have you guys been downstairs?” “I’m not sure what happened but there is blood everywhere in the lobby” “What? blood? what happened?” “Uh, Oh” “I’m on my way down now!” “Oh my god there is more blood” “wow this is crazy!”

As you can imagine, I didn’t waste any time getting downstairs although I was afraid of what I was going to see! As I got off the elevator to the first floor there were bloody footprints, and I mean barefoot prints, from the opening of the elevator down the hall.  There were drops of blood on the floor and blood smeared on the walls. My heart began to race as I turned the corner to the main lobby. I wasn’t ready, there was a big pool of blood upon turning the corner. As I frantically scanned the lobby there was a big chair that was usually light green completely submerged in blood with a pool of blood around it! I could no longer hold it in “OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED??” I screamed looking to a guard who was watching the area and a ayi (cleaning lady) who was cleaning as  if it was just a  little vomit!  I got no answers, just looks that made me feel like I was crazy. I had never seen that much blood in my life! To this day I believe someone died.

Once I realized that I wasn’t going to get any answers I headed to work in sheer panic and disbelief. I never found out what happened, only that there was an altercation between two people and one was taken to the hospital. When I got home that evening most of the blood was gone. One large smear on the wall remained as a constant reminder of that  horrible afternoon in April.  As I moved out of the building in February I glanced at that wall for the final time wondering if it would always be there.  In my mind it would.


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