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How I changed the way I think about food PERMANENTLY!

This June, during Ramadan, I decided to take a closer look at myself holistically.  Everyone around me was fasting, so I thought it would be the perfect time for me to do so as well. I made a commitment to complete the Daniel’s Fast, a 21 day Christian based fast. Although I have done this […]


My life is not an adventure, it’s a JOURNEY

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Time well needed and well spent. One of the things that I thought about is a phrase that so many people have said to me since I decided to temporarily leave the country. ” Wow, your life is an adventure” or ” You are going on an adventure!” […]

I did it! ……Aoba-Matsuri Festival 2017

After being in Japan for just two short months I attended a festival with my co-teacher. We got word that one of our students would be dancing in the festival and we wanted to support her.  Festive it was! So many people, colors, and rich culture. As I enjoyed watching the people dance and chant […]

This way to Paradise!

After stepping off the plane I immediately felt the warm air hit my face. I suddenly realized I had too many layers of clothes on coming from the cold temps and snow in Japan. I was greeted by beautiful brown faces that I would see so much of throughout the week.  As I looked around, […]

My Love Affair with Italy!

In December 2016 through January 2017 I had the great pleasure of visiting Italy! It was honestly not somewhere I had planned to go anytime soon. A friend of mine mentioned wanting to go and we found a flight deal. So, off I went to visit Europe! THE BREAKDOWN I want to break down to […]

Ty’s Travel Tips

I have to say after a year and a half of being on this journey of international travel I have learned soooo many things!!! I laugh at myself when I look at pictures of me packing to move to China! I had no clue! I have picked up so many tips from websites, friends, and […]